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In the vibrant landscape of Oklahoma City, young professionals like Clay Collier find a thriving community in the Oklahoma City Young Professionals (OKCYP). Clay, our Member of the Month for December, shares insights into his experience with OKCYP and its impact on his personal and professional life.

Networking and Friendship Building: For Clay, OKCYP is a hub for meeting like-minded individuals with a shared passion for personal and professional growth. The organization has become a catalyst for expanding networks and forging new friendships, contributing positively to his personal and professional spheres.

Memorable Moments at Horizons: Among the various events organized by OKCYP, Clay singles out "Horizons" as his most memorable. Attending with his wife and close friends, he describes it as a fantastic night, highlighting the power of community and camaraderie fostered by OKCYP events.

Thriving in OKC: Clay believes Oklahoma City is a fantastic place for young professionals due to its ever-expanding opportunities and continuous growth. The city's dynamic environment provides a fertile ground for ambitious individuals seeking to make their mark.

Culinary Delights in OKC: Sharing a bit of his flair, Clay identifies The Drake as one of his favorite restaurants in OKC, particularly praising its claim to the best oysters in the city. While recognizing the plethora of excellent bars and breweries, he unveils a hidden gem, Palo Santo, as his favorite.

Navigating Membership Advice: Clay advises fellow members to step out of their comfort zones and actively participate in OKCYP events. Encouraging members to attend as many gatherings as possible, he emphasizes the correlation between expanding one's social circles and enriching the membership experience.

Clay Collier's journey with OKCYP mirrors the organization's commitment to fostering connections, growth, and a vibrant community for young professionals in Oklahoma City. Congratulations to Clay for being recognized as our Member of the Month, and we look forward to witnessing the continued success of our members in the OKCYP family.


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