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In the bustling heart of Oklahoma City, young professionals like Michelle Crone are thriving, and she's not just surviving - she's excelling. As our Member of the Month, we enjoyed chatting with Michelle about her journey with OKC Young Professionals and her personal and professional growth in the vibrant city.

A Welcoming Community for Transplants

Michelle's story begins with a relocation to Oklahoma City. Making new friends and contacts outside work can be challenging, like many transplants. OKCYP provided the perfect solution, offering her a sense of community and friendship.

"OKCYP has truly been a professional and personal blessing," Michelle says. "I am a transplant, so meeting people and making friends outside work is hard. OKCYP gives me a sense of community and friendship."

A Platform for Professional Visibility

However, the benefits of her OKCYP membership extend well beyond the social aspect. Professionally, Michelle and her company have gained significant visibility in the OKC business community.

"In the professional world, I get my company's name out there regularly and get to pitch what we offer at least a couple of times a month," she adds.

Memorable Moments and Motivation

When asked about her most memorable OKCYP event or experience, Michelle enthusiastically recalls the 2023 Horizon Awards. It was an evening of celebration and recognition that inspired her to strive for greatness.

"So far, definitely the 2023 Horizon Awards. It was just a great time and awesome to see everyone all dressed up and celebrating each other's success. It also gave me motivation to continue staying involved and doing great things because I want to win an award one of these years!"

OKC: A Thriving Hub for Young Professionals

Michelle's love for Oklahoma City is evident in her advocacy for the city's merits as a hub for young professionals.

"OKC is a fantastic place for young professionals to thrive. This city is full of opportunity and growth," she emphasizes. "There are tons of networking/business referral groups that help young professionals get their foot in the door to network with like-minded individuals."

And there's more. OKC's cultural scene, encompassing art, film, and theater, creates numerous opportunities for young professionals to volunteer and gain real-world experience.

"OKC also has a thriving art, film, and theater scene that many non-profit organizations support, which creates countless volunteer opportunities to help build your resume and give you real-world experience," she continues. "Overall, OKC is a vibrant city where you could fill your weekend and after-work schedule every single day (if you wanted to) - you won't be bored here!"

Hidden Gems and Top Picks

Michelle is eager to share some of her favorite spots in Oklahoma City and a few hidden gems that OKCYP members should explore.

She recommends checking out the frisbee golf course at Mitch Park for those who enjoy a leisurely and picturesque stroll. Its wooded surroundings make it the perfect escape from the city's hustle and bustle.

Summer enthusiasts should consider a two-hour drive to "Littlefield's at Spring Creek" for crystal-clear river swimming. And if you're in the mood for a fancy dinner in OKC, Potrono should be at the top of your list.

But perhaps the ultimate recommendation is for Indian food enthusiasts: "For the best take-out, order Indian food from Sheesh Mahal ~ butter chicken, tikka masala, and cheesy naan bread. You can thank me later :)"

Advice to New Members

Lastly, Michelle has some wise advice for those new to the OKCYP community and eager to get involved.

"Show up, show up, show up! Come to as many events as you can and talk to as many people as possible," she advises. "Also, add your OKCYP peers on LinkedIn or Facebook!"

It's these connections, after all, that make OKCYP such an invaluable platform for personal and professional growth in Oklahoma City. Congratulations to Michelle Crone, our Member of the Month, and here's to her continued success and the prosperity of young professionals in OKC.


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